Music and mental health

For those who struggle with mental health problems, the experience of engaging with music can be life-affirming, stimulating, and morale-boosting.

As a result, levels of anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression can be reduced significantly.

Sensitivity is at the heart of our approach, and by encouraging people of all ages to participate and engage with our Re:Fresh services, they will feel freer from the limitations of their mental health and more aware of their true potential.

Refresh - Music and Mental Health

School and Community-based

Our School & Community-based project improves youth provision and promotes positive mental health for young people.

We help to reduce the risk of young people disengaging with their education and support those who may struggle with anxiety, low confidence, and low self-esteem.

Through this project, young people will learn how to use Vinyl Turntables and DJ Controllers—composing and rehearsing a set for recording their mixes to keep and share with their family and friends.

Learners can have their achievements formally recognised with a certificate issued by AQA each time a short unit is completed.

Having developed our own DJ-specific UAS units, all of our students follow a process that entitles them to these certificates as they progress.

For a small administrative fee, we will register and deliver the certificates to those who complete them.

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5% of any profits made by our School and Community-based projects are donated to Young Minds, which is the UK's leading charity fighting for children and young people's mental health.

For more information on the great work Young Minds do, please visit their website

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Monthly Mixes

Here you can find a selection of our monthly mixes. These include a variety of genres for easy listening.

#Tuneout Podcast

#TuneOut is a montly podcast that helps you disengage from the world and re-engage with yourself.

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